zondag 18 mei 2014

Louis Vuitton Cruise '15 Show

Hi sweethearts,

How is your weekend so far? Mine consist out of work, work, work... That's why I couldn't show you this yesterday. Louis Vuitton showed his first Cruise collection that was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière. It was the second collection Nicolas designed for Louis Vuitton. The show took place in Monaco. Of course all the important people from the fashion world were there, sitting front row in there most amazing outfits. Don't we all dream of that?! I know I do.. But luckily for us Louis Vuitton Live streamed the show so we could made our own couch the front row!
I didn't had time to watch it, but I did today and I think this collection is incredible. They used a lot of nice printed items in the most beautiful fabrics, like silk and lace. I think it's an amazing collection with an unique touch.. make sure you watch it!

With Love, J.
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6 opmerkingen:

  1. This looks great!! Awesome show
    Wishing you a blessed week ahead of you,
    kisses from Miami,

    1. Thank you babe! wishing you a nice week too.. Love your blog

  2. Thank you for this video. I'm not a fan of this collection, though, not my style at all. The only dress I loved is the last one.


    1. Your welcome.. I wouldn't combine it the way they did, but I like that it's so different.. The last dress was really beautiful, but it's import to have your own style and to mix and match sometimes but still keep it close to yourself.. Love your blog by the way!