maandag 7 juli 2014

The art of packing with Louis Vuitton

Hi Folks!

I hope you had an amazing week-end?! I sure did, because my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland Paris. It was so delightful to be with just the two of us in such a magical place. It wasn't that sunny but the rain that was predicted held off, so we had nothing to complain about.

About 3 weeks i'm finally going on vacation. Did you already booked yours? I'm going to Spain, Sardinia and the mainland of Italia. We have a very full schedule to visit these 3 places in just 3 weeks, but I love to travel and so does my boyfriend so it will be such a nice journey. Packing isn't my strongest skill i noticed over the years. Every year it's the same drama when it comes to packing. What should i take with me, how much different shoes, should i take a sweater or a jacket.. you know the problems, right?
And when I finally have collected all the things I want to take with me, how will I manage to put it all in my suitcase without damaging it or wrinkling it.
For all of you who are with me when it comes to this last problem I have the perfect packing tutorial from no one less than Louis Vuitton!

Folding the Jacket and the Pants.

Interlace the Shirts.

Folding the Pants.

Folding the Jacket.

The art of packing.

I think these tutorials are such a handy tool when you have to pack for your trip. On the Louis Vuitton webpage they have more tutorials about the art of packing. You can learn how to pack different types of suitcases or weekend bags.

With Love, J.

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