woensdag 30 april 2014

Topshop is comming to Amsterdam

Hi lovelies,

I have to apologize because this will be just a short post for my Dutchies (or everyone who is going to visit Amsterdam), but I have such incredible news! 

I bet you still remember the day that Topshop announced that they will be opening a shop-in-shop in the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, right? We were thrilled to finally have a Topshop in Holland even when it was a small one, but this morning during the launch of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection in the Bijenkorf, Topshop announced that they will be opening their own store in Amsterdam! 

This is a dream come true for all us Dutchies.. because lets be honest the shop-in-shop was great news, but an actual store from Topshop is beyond great news.. 
I can't wait for the opening that will be taking place in october!

If you can't wait till October you can already shop online on www.topshop.com

With Love, J.

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vrijdag 25 april 2014

"Mise en Dior" Tribal Earrings

Hi Lovelies,

How are you? Ready for the weekend? 
I definitely am, it's Kingsday tomorrow. That means we celebrate the Kings birthday with a lot of parties, flee markets, artist.. you name it. Everyone will be dressed in Orange and the colors of the flag. And I'm going to a really nice party with all these great Dj's like Armin van Buren. But enough about that.. 

I wanted to share with you the newest trend when it comes to jewelry. 
The "Mise en Dior" tribal earrings!
Every successful fashion blogger and celebrity is spotted with these Dior earrings.. And I love them. They are classy but with a little fun twist! 
They have them in all kinds of colors so there will be definitely a "Mise en Dior" tribal earring that suits your outfit. The price varies from £260 till £290.

I really want a pair of these beautiful earrings. 
What about you? Do you like them?

With Love, J.

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maandag 21 april 2014

Oui Oui Paris

Hi loved-ones,

How was your Easter? I spend as much time with my family as I could and it was a blast. 
And... I have exciting news, I'm going to Paris! 
Isn't that amazing?! I can't wait to finally go to the city of fashion (and Love off course). 
The only time I went to Paris was because we were going to Disneyland, so as you can guess I need your help! 
Can you guys give me some tips, what places I definitely need to visit, were I definitely have to eat something and that kind of stuff.. Every tip is welcome!

I want to wander the streets of Paris in style, so I collected some of my favorite Parisian street style outfits!

Hope you guys can help me out!

With Love, J.

donderdag 17 april 2014

Inspiration with Victoria Beckham

Hi lovelies,

How is your week so far? Mine is great, I did a lot of shopping and who doesn't love shopping! 
But today it's going to be all about this very inspiring woman - Victoria Beckham.

She is turning 40 today and to celebrate this wonderful woman I wanted to do a post about her. Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by her.. I was a fan of the spice girls (who wasn't?) and we always fought about who was going to be which spice girl. My struggle about which one I wanted to be was always between Baby Spice or Posh Spice. After all these years I can tell you with certainty that Posh Spice definitely won! 
She isn't a spice girl anymore (i'm glad about that) but she turned into a super woman! She is so much more than a football wife or an ex spice-girl. She is an amazing designer, with a beautiful feminine collection. I love her sense of style, it's so elegant and clean. She only works with the most beautiful fabrics and with the most talented people! As you can read I'm a big fan.
I watched a documentary about her on the blog http://www.fashionculturediary.blogspot.it and I really wanted to share this documentary with you because she is such an inspiring person and the documentary will prove how talented she is.


With Love, J.

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Roland Mouret x Banana Republic

Hi Lovelies,

Big news flash again! 
You already heard about the collaboration between Alexander Wang and H&M, but there is another great collaboration revealed.. Roland Mouret is going to make a collection for Banana Republic! 
I think this is great news.. You know Roland Mouret right? With the beautiful dresses that makes your body looks fabulous.
The celebs are a huge fan of these dresses and so am I. Off course I don't have a dress from Roland Mouret hanging in my closet, because they cost about €1.500,- and that's a lot for a dress! But this is our change to buy a perfect Roland Mouret piece for an affordable price. 
The designer has made around 30 items for this collaboration with Banana Republic and the price will vary between €36,- and €120,- isn't that great!
The collection will be hanging in the stores (and online) around August this year.. I can't wait!

Are you gonna check out his collection?

With Love, J.

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maandag 14 april 2014

Best Coachella Outfits 2014

Hi lovelies!

Last weekend it was Coachella weekend.. And the outfits were definitely inspiring again! 
I'm always getting excited when Coachella is making her appearance because all the fashion-bloggers and celebrities are getting dressed in the best festival outfits, which is really inspiring and fun to look at!
I collected some of my favorite Coachella 2014 looks for you!

What was your favorite Coachella outfit?

With Love, J.

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zondag 13 april 2014

Alexander Wang X H&M

Hi Loved-ones,

How is your weekend so far? Mine is great, especially when I heard this news! 
H&M's next guest designer is.....

Isn't this exciting news..!!
During Coachella H&M announced that their next collaboration will be with this great designer. The words of Alexander Wang on the H&M website are: "I am honored to be a part of H&M's designer collaborations. The work with their team is an exciting, fun process. They are very open to push boundaries and to set a platform for creativity. This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle.

The Alexander Wang team will be the first American team to collaborated with H&M and they will not only design clothes for men and woman, but they will also design some accessories for the collection. I can't wait to see this promising collection and to finally get a piece of Alexander Wang! 

You can run to the stores for this collection on november 6 this year.. or you can shop the collection online on www.hm.com
So Highlight this date on your calendar!

With Love, J.

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donderdag 10 april 2014

Coachella Inspired

Hi lovelies,

How is life treading you? This weekend it's Coachella-weekend.. You know Coachella right? Every celebrity is coming to Indio, California to join this festival. 
Coachella has an incredible line-up with artist from all over the world. So when you go to Coachella partying is guaranteed. Although partying is the main goal for people to visit this amazing weekend, the outfits everyone wears have a important role too. Many fashion-bloggers get inspired by these festival looks. 
I can't wait to see how everybody looks and to get inspired by these amazing outfits. Of-course I'm a little jealous of everyone who goes to Coachella, because this is a festival that attends my festival-wish-list for 2 years now. That doesn't mean I'm wishing everybody who got a ticket an amazing weekend, full of joy, fashion and good music! I collected some of my favorite Coachella-outfits to get inspired for the next festival I'm going to attend and creating some really cool festival-looks. 


Are you gonna go to Coachella? and what are you going to wear to your next festival?

With Love, J.

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