First of all thank you for visiting the webpage of Baker of Luxury. I'm Joyce IJpelaar, born and raised in the Netherlands. On this page I will share with you my personal style, report upcoming trends and things that inspire me. Fashion is such a great way to carry out your personality to the rest of the world and express yourself. It's not about following trends but about making your own. Give it a personal twist so you can let the world see how fabulous you are.

About my personal style, it's hard to describe my own style because it's changing day by day. It really depends on so many factors, my mood, the weather and the things i'm going to do that day. It even depends on which place i'm going to visit.

Not only fashion is a great fascination of mine, traveling is also one of my greatest hobbies. I try to see as many different cities, countries and cultures as i can. It inspires me to be surrounded by new places, the thrill of not knowing what's around the corner, which treasures you may find. In my opinion traveling is a great way to develop yourself and to be more open-minded to new things and different perspectives.

So go out of your comfort zone, travel the world, make your own rules and enjoy life.

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