woensdag 19 maart 2014

Getting Fit with Victoria Secret.

Hi Lovelies,

Are you already working out for the perfect body for the summer? I am, at least I'm trying.. But I can tell you it isn't easy with all the other things I've got to do. I know this is a Fashion-blog but a little workout tips to get your body bikini-ready for the perfect fashionable bikini isn't a bad thing right?
Lately I follow this little workout videos from Victoria Secret and it is working for me. The workouts have a really good routine and they are presented by Doutzen Kroes, don't we all want a body like that?! 
So I wanted to share them with you, enjoy watching and working out!

Doing your core.

Making your legs work.

For the perfect butt.

Creating strong arms.

Are you gonna try these routines?
For those who are and for those who need some new work-out outfits I collected some of my favorite "new for spring" Victoria Secret items so you can be fashionable and sporty at the same time! They all come in different colors and prints so you can choose your favorite on www.victoriasecret.com!

Capri Tight $62,50 - $66,50
Capri Tight $62,50 - $66,50
Tight $64,50 - $69,50
Running Short $44,50
Sport Bra $49,50 - $56,50 
Front Close Sport Bra $54,50 - $62,50  
Sport Bra $54,50 - $62,50

Good luck with getting fit for summer girls!

With Love, J.

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    1. You the routines are definitely working for me! Thanks for your comment, I will check out your blog as well

  2. wow, thanks for sharing!


    1. Your welcome! thanks for visiting.. Gonna check out your blog asap