maandag 3 februari 2014

My favorite Fashion-Bloggers

Hi lovelies,

How is your monday? Mondays are sometimes hard to put up with, specially after a busy weekend. You have to get up face the week again and my biggest struggle on monday - what should I wear today or this week? 
Recognizing this? Maybe this fantastic fashion-bloggers can help you to inspire your outfits this week. When I don’t know what to wear to school, a meeting, a lunch with friends or that fabulous party that's coming up end of the week I go to my favorite fashion blogs and I let their pictures inspire my outfit. 
These are my favorite bloggers! Just check them out, they are amazing!

Kristina Bazan - Kayture

Chiara Ferragni - The blonde salad

Jessica Stein - Tuula Vintage

Stephanie Abu-Sbeih -Satisfashion

Shea marie - Peace love shea

Julie Sarinana - Sincerely jules

Stella wants 2 die

Kimberly Pesch - Eatsleepwear

Who are your favorite fashion-bloggers?

With love, J
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