woensdag 12 februari 2014

New York Fashion Week update part 2

Hi Lovelies,

I want to share some new New York Fashion Week shows with you. I'm trying to watch as many shows as I can. I'm such a sucker for NYFW, it's such a great inspiration. I collected some shows I want to share with you because I absolutely loved them!

The first one is the show of Donna Karan New York. This was the second show of her on New York Fashion Week, the first show was the one of the fashion line DKNY. This show was different in so many ways. The collection was very feminine and captured a lot of black items and dresses. I love this collection because they worked with luxurious fabrics and a lot of see-through, but they still managed to keep it classy.

The second show is the show of Tommy Hilfiger. This was so fun to watch! They had this beautiful catwalk which made me almost want to be in a winter-wonderland. A lot of clothes have a plaid design which made the collection very playful and wearable and the sweaters are absolutely a musthave! 

Number Three is the show of Oscar de la Renta. I think he is one of the best designers the world has to offer. He is always making a really classy, feminine and sexy collection with a lot of beautiful, stunning dresses.. I think every woman dreams of a de la Renta dress. His fall/winter collection also had a lot of beautiful dresses which he combined with incredible texture like lace and prints which made it interesting to watch.

The last show I want to share is the show of Vera Wang. The new collection captured a lot of gray and black, which made it perfect for fall/winter. She also used a lot of see-through and plaid designs which made it a less boring. Not that black and gray is boring, but you know what I mean right? Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this collection of Vera Wang. It was classy with a playful touch and the dresses are stunning as always! But it also have very wearable items so it's perfect for everyone!

Which show did you like the most?

With Love, J.

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