vrijdag 28 februari 2014

H&M and Paris Fashion Week

Hi Loved ones,

Did you see the H&M fashion show during Paris Fashion week? 
If not you should definitely watch it. 

H&M showed there new autumn/winter collection last wednesday during Paris Fashion Week. The catwalk was huge, they invited 600 guest to this event, and the music on the background was a live performance from Cecile Cassel, pretty cool right? The catwalk show featured some of the hottest models right now, like Magdalena Frackowiak and Izabel Goulart. Also the front row was a sea of famous faces and included guests like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba.

This was the second runway show that H&M presented during Paris Fashion Week. The collection was a mix of masculine and feminine styles and captured Biker Jackets, sexy Slip Dresses and Draped Tops. The outerwear had an accent on faux fur and the sweater were created with cashmere fabrics. The collection is very stylish, wearable and affordable. 
I collected some outfits I definitely want to hang in my clothes!

The collection will be hanging in the stores on september 2014.
You can watch the whole show to click on the video below.

What do you think of the H&M autumn/winter collection of 2014?

With Love, J.

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