woensdag 26 februari 2014

Milan Fashion Week overview part one

Hi lovelies,

How is life treating you? Mine is quite busy these days, time flies and so does Fashion Week. Milan Fashion Week is already over, what is such a shame but Paris Fashion Week is already begun! But before we move to Paris we will stay in Milan for a while, because there were some shows worth mentioning. I will give you an overview of the most spectacular shows from Milan Fashion Week.

The Gucci show was so lovely! I'm such a sucker for the colors they used. They used a palette from pastels and combined items with different fabrics like leather skirts, furry coats and beautiful sparkles. I think this collection is very wearable on a daily bases. The leather makes it a little more tough but still the clothes are really feminine. I'm in love with this collection!

The second show I want to talk about is the Fendi show. They used a lot of dark colors which makes it perfect for the autumn/winter. The collection is really diverse and captured feminine outfits, like peplum skirts, but also tough outfits, like high waist shorts with over the knee boots. 

The Versace show was stunning as always. The collection is very sexy and lady-like with a lot of beautiful dresses and sparkles. They used a lot of beautiful cut-out boots which created a little sex-appeal to the outfits. The evening dresses were absolutely dresses you will see on the red carpet!  

Which collection is your favorite? Mine is the collection from Gucci! I definitely want a item from this autumn/winter collection.

With Love, J.

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