donderdag 6 februari 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker will not be replacing Anna Wintour

Hi Lovelies,

I don't know if you heard the rumors about Sarah Jessica parker replacing Anna Wintour as editor of VOGUE? 
A representative of Sarah Jessica Parker has let the Daily Mail know that she is not going to be the next editor of VOGUE. "It would be a fun thing for her, but she already has so much on her plate it's not an option and she actually has never considered it before" the source said. The rumors started because Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker are very close friends en have been meeting up for private lunches several times. A representative of VOGUE also said, "Anna and Sarah Jessica have been friends for a long time and the idea of Sarah Jessica taking Anna's position at VOGUE has never been discussed". So it seems although she have played a writer on Sex and the City as the famous Carrie Bradshaw, she is not going to be a journalist in real life and she isn't becoming the new EIC of VOGUE.

What do you think, is it the right choice of Sarah Jessica Parker not to replace Anna Wintour as VOGUE editor?
I think it would be a fun twist if they did.

With love, J.

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