vrijdag 21 februari 2014

London Fashion Week overview

Hi Loves,

How have you been? Time flies these days and so did London Fashion Week. Before I give you the updates about Milan Fashion Week, I can promise you I will like it, I will give you an overview of London Fashion Week. I have to admit I didn't follow LFW as I did with NYFW. It's not that I think LFW isn't worth following, but I didn't have that much time to watch the most shows. But of course I watched the Big shows and I will give you an overview of my favorite shows that I did watch. Of course I watched the Topshop Unique show, you can read about that in me last post so I'm not gonna mention it in this one, just so you know.

The first show I watched was the show of Matthew Williamson. I think he had really nice items in his new autumn collection. It was a feminine collection with a playful twist because of the flower designs. The peplum top you see below is such a favorite of mine! 

The next show I want to share with you is the Burberry Prorsum show and I can tell you it was amazing. I'm so in love with this collection and I'm glad I made time to watch it because it was such an inspiring show. The clothes were stunning and the fabrics they used were so perfect it created a look that was very feminine and jaunty.  Not only the clothes also the bags, shoes and scarves were definitely worth watching.

An other show I really liked was the Tom Ford show. As always the Tom Ford collection was very classy with the black and white contrasts. He used clear lines which made the clothes beautiful and wearable. To make the collection a little bit more playful he used some leather and leopard items in his collection.

The fourth collection you definitely need to see when you ask me is the one created by Barbara Casasola. She made a really confidence collection with a refined sense for details. It's a sophisticated and sexy collection. She used beige, grays and black colors which gave the clothes a chic twist.

The last show, but definitely not least is the KTZ show and I absolutely loved it! It was a fun show to watch with great eye-catching items. You can see how the collection is influenced by the pairs extensive travels. It's a mix from urban and indigenous effects. They used different symbols and patterns in one outfit which made it different from the rest. There were a lot of full skirts, and if you didn't knew already I love this upcoming trend! 

Which show did you like the most on Londen Fashion Week?

With Love, J.

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